User Intent Classification


User Intent Classification is a method used in customer support and success to understand and categorize the underlying purpose or goal of a user’s query or action. It involves analyzing the user’s words, actions, and context to predict what they are trying to achieve. This can range from seeking information, making a purchase, reporting a problem, or requesting a service.


Understanding user intent is crucial in customer support as it helps in providing accurate, relevant, and timely responses. It enhances customer satisfaction, improves support efficiency, and can also provide insights for product development or improvement. It’s a key component in proactive support, helping to anticipate and address customer needs before they escalate.


For instance, if a user types ‘how to reset password’ in a SaaS product’s help center, the User Intent Classification could categorize this as a ‘How-to’ query. The support system can then provide relevant self-service resources to help the user reset their password, without needing to contact a support agent.

Best Practices

Train your AI or machine learning models with a diverse set of user queries to improve accuracy in User Intent Classification. Regularly review and update your intent categories based on evolving user behavior and product changes. Use User Intent Classification insights to improve your self-service resources and proactive support strategies.