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Explain This

In-App Contextual Mastery

Empower users with instant insights directly within your application. Say goodbye to manual tooltips; let our AI guide the way.

Tap and Learn

Users can instantly access insights with just a single tap, enhancing their experience.

Smart Assistance

Our AI provides contextual guidance, eliminating the need for manual tooltips.

Seamless Interactions

With AI at the helm, users enjoy a smoother, interruption-free experience.


Real-time Contextual Responses

Step into the future of customer support. With our Chatbot, every query receives an immediate and precise answer, leveraging your knowledge with our AI's capabilities.

Immediate Responses

Our Chatbot ensures users get answers to their queries in real-time.

Accurate Assistance

Leveraging AI, the chatbot provides relevant and precise answers every time.

Efficiency Boost

Automate responses and reduce the manual support workload.


Your Ultimate Help Hub

All your support tools in one convenient location. From contextual insights to ticket submissions, we've made support delightful and efficient.

All-in-One Hub

Experience a consolidated support system, enhancing user convenience.

Intuitive Design

Our widget is designed with users in mind, ensuring ease of use.

Quick Support

Optimized for rapid responses, ensuring users get the help they need swiftly.

Knowledge base

Empower with Context

Bring your entire knowledge repository right to your user's fingertips, tailored to their unique context for a truly user-centric journey.

Tailored Insights

Deliver knowledge that's relevant to the user's current context.

Personalized Guidance

Every user enjoys a unique journey, tailored to their needs.

Empower Users

Boost user independence with a knowledge base that caters to self-service.

Ticket form

Hassle-Free Issue Reporting

Allow users to report issues seamlessly, efficiently, and directly within the app, simplifying support to its core essence.

Direct Issue Reporting

Users can effortlessly report issues without leaving the app.

User-Centric Design

Our ticket form is designed for user convenience, ensuring a smooth experience.

Rapid Resolutions

Optimized for quick issue logging and resolution, ensuring user satisfaction.

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