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Turn your knowledge base into proactive in-app support using Explain This, Chatbot, and Tooltips—helping you boost product adoption and cut down on support tickets.

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More than just a chatbot

Answer customer questions before they ask 24/7

Explain this

In-App Contextual Mastery

Let users tap on any part of your website to instantly receive insights. No more manual tooltips, our AI does the magic for you. Easy guidance, every time.


No-code and Instant, Effortless Interaction

Effortlessly integrate AI-powered tooltips into your app for on-spot insights. No coding needed, just instant clarity for users.


Real-time Intelligent Responses

Dive into the new age of customer service. With our Chatbot, any query gets an instant and accurate response. Your knowledge, our AI's delivery.


Your Ultimate Help Hub

Every support tool, one location. From "Explain This" to ticket submission, it's all in one spot. Support made delightful and efficient.

Knowledge Base

Empower with Context

Bring your entire knowledge repository right to your user's fingertips, tailored to their context. A true user-centric journey.

Ticket Form

Hassle-Free Issue Reporting

Users can submit issues without a detour. Seamless, efficient, and within the app. Simplifying support to the core.

Speaking your language

Fluent Support in Seven Languages

Connect across English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, or Japanese. Our AI ensures every interaction is precise and understood.

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