Multi-Turn Conversation


Multi-Turn Conversation refers to a dialogue that requires more than one exchange of communication between the customer and the support agent. It’s a back-and-forth interaction where the agent asks follow-up questions or the customer provides additional information to resolve the issue.


Multi-Turn Conversations are crucial in customer support as they allow for a deeper understanding of the customer’s issue, leading to more effective problem-solving. They also help in building rapport with the customer, enhancing their overall experience.


For instance, a customer contacts support about a technical issue they’re facing with a software. The agent asks for more details about the problem, the customer provides the information, the agent suggests a solution, the customer tries it and gives feedback. This back-and-forth interaction is a Multi-Turn Conversation.

Best Practices

Ensure that each interaction adds value and brings the conversation closer to resolution. Use empathetic language to make the customer feel heard and understood. Keep the conversation focused and on-topic to resolve the issue efficiently. Use effective questioning techniques to gather all necessary information.