Error Handling in Conversational UI


In the context of customer success and support, Error Handling in Conversational UI is the process of identifying, managing, and responding to any errors or misunderstandings that occur during a user’s interaction with a conversational user interface (like chatbots or voice assistants). This includes providing clear, helpful feedback to the user and guiding them towards successful completion of their intended task.


Effective error handling is crucial in Conversational UI as it directly impacts user experience and satisfaction. It helps maintain smooth and efficient interactions, reduces user frustration, and increases the chances of successful task completion. It also contributes to the overall perception of the system’s reliability and intelligence.


For instance, if a user asks a customer support chatbot a question that it doesn’t understand, good error handling would involve the chatbot politely indicating that it didn’t understand the question and offering suggestions for how the user might rephrase their query. Poor error handling, on the other hand, might involve the chatbot simply saying ‘I don’t understand’ without offering any further assistance.

Best Practices

Design the Conversational UI to handle common errors and misunderstandings. Provide clear, helpful feedback to the user when an error occurs. Guide the user towards successful task completion after an error. Regularly review and update the error handling strategies based on user feedback and interaction data.