Bot-Human Handoff


In the context of customer support, a Bot-Human Handoff refers to the process where an AI-powered chatbot or virtual assistant, after initially handling a customer query, transfers the interaction to a human support agent. This usually happens when the query is too complex or requires a level of service that the AI bot is not equipped to provide.


Bot-Human Handoff is crucial in maintaining customer satisfaction and providing efficient support. While AI bots can handle simple queries, they may not be able to resolve complex issues or provide the empathetic support that a human can. A smooth handoff ensures that customers receive the level of support they need without frustration or delay.


For instance, a customer might initiate a chat with a company’s AI bot to inquire about their order status. The bot can easily provide this information. However, if the customer then asks to change their order, this might be beyond the bot’s capabilities. At this point, the bot would initiate a Bot-Human Handoff, transferring the customer to a human agent who can assist with the order change.

Best Practices

Ensure the AI bot is programmed to recognize when a handoff is necessary and can do so smoothly. Train human agents to pick up where the bot left off, to avoid making the customer repeat information. Use the bot to gather basic information at the start of the interaction, to save the human agent’s time. Regularly review and update the bot’s capabilities and handoff triggers, based on customer feedback and support trends.