Wed Aug 02 2023, Marek Sotak

Technical Writers, Training Managers, and Product Documentation Creators are here to stay - your role is pivotal to Artificial Intelligence’s (AI) success

There’s been a lot of buzz around AI and its potential impact on various industries, including technical writing and product documentation. However, I want to set the record straight based on our experience: the importance of technical writers and documentation creators has only increased. Do you share the same perspective?

While AI can process and generate documentation based on existing data, it cannot replicate the human touch and expertise you bring to the table. Your ability to craft coherent, user-friendly, engaging content and collect knowledge across all company departments is invaluable.

Here’s the key distinction: AI enhances and converts well-written documentation, turning it into multiple formats to cater to diverse user needs for their given context at the right time. But it can only work miracles with well-written and up-to-date documentation!

As we venture into the fascinating world of AI-generated content creation, we recognize that you, the talented technical writers and documentation specialists often underappreciated, play a pivotal role in shaping the success of this transformative technology. Your expertise will ensure that AI-generated outputs are accurate, user-centric, and consistently deliver a superior experience to end-users.

At Inline Manual, we confidently lead the charge in innovation. We’ve developed a new product - Inline Help - that harnesses the power of AI to amplify the impact of well-crafted knowledge, and there we have first-hand experience that without well-crafted documentation, AI gets lost and hallucinates to please the user with wrong information.

Embrace your empowered role as knowledge architects in the age of AI!

If you are interested in what new and exciting tools we are working on, follow our new product Inline Help (in closed beta). Our platform transforms a piece of written documentation into many resources, including chatbot responses, support ticket responses, in-app help guides, and more, managed in one place.

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