Mon Jan 15 2024, Marek Sotak

Turn Your Robohelp Content into a Dynamic Knowledge Base, Chatbot and In-App Support

Getting help should keep you from slowing down in a world where everything moves fast. That’s where Robohelp and Inline Help come in. Think of them as friendly neighbourhood helpers in the digital world.

Robohelp? Yes, Please!

Robohelp is like that friend who knows a lot about everything. It helps create helpful stuff – guides, FAQs, you name it. And it does it so well everyone wants to read it.

Inline Help: Your New Best Friend

Now, meet Inline Help. It’s a cool gadget that turns complicated into easy. It’s got a Chatbot that talks to your customers like a human and an “Explain This” feature that makes hard stuff simple. It brings your RoboHelp content inside your application right at your users’ fingertips.

Together is Better

Imagine putting Robohelp’s brainy content into Inline Help’s excellent tools. It’s like peanut butter meeting jelly. Customers get answers fast, and they’re the correct answers. It’s a win-win.

Chatbot: Not Just a Robot

Inline Help’s Chatbot isn’t just any robot. It’s like your friendly neighbour who knows everything sourced from your RoboHelp content. Ask it anything, and get answers fast. It’s that simple.

”Explain This”: Like a Mini Teacher

And “Explain This”? It’s like having a mini teacher who makes confusing things clear. Thanks to Robohelp, it knows a lot, so you learn a lot. Right inside the application, the user does not need to chat or develop their own search phrases.

Smart Help with AI

Thanks to smart AI like ChatGPT, Inline Help gets smarter every day. It learns from questions and feedback to give better answers next time. It’s always getting better at helping.

Real Stories, Real Success

Businesses are already winning with this. They’re seeing happier customers and less time explaining things. The Chatbot interactions dropped, too. That’s more time for the fun stuff.

Keep It Simple, Keep It Smart

That’s what this combo of Robohelp and Inline Help is all about—making help simple, innovative, and super fast. It’s not just about answering questions. It’s about making everyone’s life easier.

Try It, You’ll Like It

So, why not give it a spin? See how Robohelp and Inline Help can make a difference for your customers inside your application. It’s easy to start – just a click away. You’ve got nothing to lose and lots of happy customers to gain.

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